Aella Arahne


Empathetic. This character relates deeply to others in a way that may reflect their own experiences, or perhaps just show their enlightenment. While they may not always allow their empathy to control their actions, it is certain that they have a true understanding.

Hard Worker. This character works hard at all they do, whether it be study, training, or their actual job.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


For a long time, this position represented only the regulations and permissions for the medical field. When Aella took the position however - after working in medicine for almost twenty years - it changed. She didn’t just want to write laws. She didn’t just want to fund research. She wanted to make sure that the people of Liesdro were receiving treatment. Thanks to her ability to suck up to Sigmund Zosa and her overall likabiltiy - this was an achievable dream.

She began by founding the Public Hospital, which was based in Anapoli due to it’s heavily working class nature, and their typical inability to get treatment for their ailments. While it has many critics, it also has so many successes that it’s benefits are impossible to logically decry. Since the founding of the hospital she has worked - with much opposition - to found more of them throughout the country. Currently, this is an uphill battle, but she won’t give up. Everyone deserves treatment - and good treatment. While she cannot properly lay the groundwork for more of her signature hospitals, she can ensure that the current regulations are being met, and travels throughout the country to inspect medical buildings throughout all Liesdro.


Full Name. Aella Z. Arahne

Race. Human

Sex. Female

Age. Fifty-Seven

Occupation. Liesdron Minister of Health and Medicine
Chief Resident of the Anapoli Public Hospital


Stubborn. This character does not enjoy taking "no" for an answer, and is notable for their refusal to change their ways, or their mind. When this character has their heart set on something, they are unchangeable.

Optimistic. This character looks for the best in every person and situation, believing that everyone works out for the best in the end -- which sometimes causes them to miss important clues, or leads to disappointment when things are actually bad.