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This newly discovered country is considered a part of Eleusia due to its closeness to Rielcia and Malscure, but its true alignment is "up for grabs" - as determined by the mass invasion of forces from throughout Fortuna. Learn more.
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One of the most powerful countries in the world, Malscure is also seen as one of the deadliest. Perhaps it is because of how 'deadly' the flora and fauna are that the people here are so hardy. Malscure works in close partnership with its neighbor Rielcia, and is often treated as part of the same country. Learn more.
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Considered the birthplace of mortal magic, Rielcia is a kaleidoscopic terrain that seems to change and shift as easily as water. They hold a deep historical connection to Malscure that leads to the two countries often being spoken of as one and the same, even if their leaders sometimes don't always see eye-to-eye. Learn more.