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Sitting at the highest possible reaches, far above the clouds, Artavia is close enough to the stars that even in the brightest daylight, their twinkling can still be seen. Artavia is the most technologically advanced in all Fortuna, and acts as home to scholars and inventors of all stripes. Learn more.
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This central floating country finds itself atop the clouds and floating above the north-western seas. Aurcaele is a country based completely around its devotion to deity Ayniea, the deity of life. From its Queen and its army, to its forests and fountains, all stands in service to her. Learn more.
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The lowest of the three floating countries and the oldest of them, Vieri sits as a sprawling, mountainous rock above the central oceans. Over time, the country has drifted apart from itself, breaking it into broken masses of land, connected by miles of thick rope and sturdy bridges. It is a peaceful locale, with each of it's five regions known for working in harmony with one another. Learn more.