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Aissic is characterized by its position at the north-most point of the world, and the chill that covers nearly all of its land year-round. While the southern areas of Aissic are certain to have pleasant and warm summers, the North never finds itself anything but freezing. Learn more.
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The rocky territory of Fiamont is Aebrynis' most southern country - and the heat is obvious. The country is broken into two halves, separated by a range of active volcanoes. Learn more.
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Also known as the "Land of Plenty", Niseca is the largest country in the world. Its reaches span from the equator, and all the way up to brush the southern shores of Aissic. Because of this, its terrain ranges from rainforest, all the way to mountainous conifer paths. Learn more.
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The reaches of Submiere are unique, in that part of its territory is above the sea, and another part is below it... The waters that mark its land are charmed, you see, allowing any creature to breathe as if in air below the surface. Learn more.


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