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The mountainous land of Dirys is blessed with soil rich with ore - allowing them to experience some of the most extravagant opulence in the world. Unfortunately, someone has to mine that ore... And the worker hardly ever gets his share. Learn more.
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The beautiful country of Liesdro is often seen as the centre for enlightenment. The country's rule is based on putting the best and brightest into power, and its lands contain the most scholars and artists of any other. Learn more.
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The deserts of Muerte were once a rich oasis, but over time the land has become barren and deadly. Perhaps it is due to the cruelty the land has seen over the years - or perhaps its simply bad luck. Many even believe that Streike has forgotten to care for the land in her concern over Ephilroa, and her ignorance has left her people suffering. No matter the reason, Muerte is now seen as a desolate place with only threads of hope left to cling to. Learn more.


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