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Visit this section for the latest updates and announcements about the site. In addition, when a new storyline begins, or a storyline ends, be sure to check as we give you the high-, and low-down on how the world is changing!
Rules & Help
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Before getting started, ensure that you take a look at the minimal rules that Fortuna oversees. Or, if you're unsure about something - anything - pop in and ask a question. One of the staff, or a helpful member will be sure to help you in no time.
Background & Lore
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Interested in some reading? Take a deep dive into the lore of Fortuna. Discover new places to explore, enlighten yourself on the sprawling religions of the world, or educate yourself on one of our numerous races for building a character.

Any finished storylines will be archived here, to show the impact that its completion has had on the world it took place within.


Character Applications
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Are you prepared to begin your journey? Enter and submit your character. Or, perhaps you're looking to review another player's character before you begin your plots with them? Whatever your fancy, all to do with character creation can be found here.
Storied Times
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Within this section you'll find all active storylines to view, join - or to create your own, of course; as well as trackers to mark your character's adventures in the current time segment; as well as a section dedicated to fleshing your characters and storylines.

In Character

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Acheron is home to: Dirys, the land of prosperity, where the mountains hold veins rich with ore ; Liesdro, land where art and industry meet; and Muerte, the sprawling deserts with a damaged soul. Any scenes taking place within these countries fall into the themes of this board.
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Aebrynis is home to: Submiere, land of deepest oceans; Niseca, where the forests have a life of their own; Fiamont where the mountains scar and divide the landscape; and Aissic, the arctic north. Any scenes taking place within these countries fall into the themes of this board.
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Celestia is not a continent, but rather an accord of three floating countries: Vieri, which floats above the oceans; Aurcaele which sits atop clouds; and Artavia which perches below the stars. Any scenes taking place within these countries fall into the themes of this board.
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Eleusia is home to only two countries, but Atton, the newly discovered territory to the far west, is currently considered Eleusan. Rielcia is the land of magic, and Malscure, land of darkness. Any scenes taking place within these countries fall into the themes of this board.
Other Planes
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While the mortal world is constructed of Acheron, Aebrynis, Celestia, and Eleusia - there is more to our universe than that. Perhaps your character is in the Underworld, or visiting the magical place known as the Feywild. There are endless possibilities - and you are welcome to explore them.

Wherever you and your companions might be, scenes not taking place within the mortal world of Fortuna belong here.

Out of Character

General Chat
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On the odd occasion, one could use a break from the mind of even their happiest of characters - come and take your break in here! Join or start a discussion about something you love, play a silly forum game, or even share your other works or hobbies!
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